Oval Folded Bowl: W 41 | D 24 | H 15 cm

Centerpiece Bowl/Charger: W 48 | D 48 | H 10 cm

Gondola: W 62 | D 15 | H 8 cm

Oval Bowl (小): W 43 | D 30 | H 25 cm

Oval Bowl (大): W 62 | D 41 | H 30 cm


顏色: Ivory / Amber

材質: Glass


Italian glass artisans on the island of Murano form these one-of-a-kind art glass items utilizing a centrifuge process that spins molten glass in large copper bowls of various sizes. The shapes of these pieces are made after the glass stops spinning and the artisans begin to shape, mold, cut, and reheat the glass pieces into the shapes you see here. After a long annealing process, the glass is cool, stable, and able to be packed and prepared to ship.

Ivory Amber Murano Collection (多款可選)

庫存單位: GBV-3.31459
    1. 預購商品因規格款式特殊或廠商接單後才生產製造,係屬特殊商品,恕不接受退/換貨或取消訂單。下單前請確認訂單商品規格與內容。
    2. 網站所用照片皆由廠商/店家提供。因照片與每人所用電腦螢幕不同,可能產生色差。商品顏色以實際貨品顏色為準。
    3. 相片內容僅作示意用,實際出貨內容以廠商出貨規格為準。
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